S  t  e  r  l  i  n  g  ,  K  a  n  s  a  s
Rice County, KS
Population : 2, 328

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Our Vision for Sterling in 2020

Visitors, college students and locals will be drawn to downtown businesses that cater to special interests. Destination businesses will anchor the community, attracting patrons, diners and K-96 travelers from beyond Rice County. Trans-America Bicycle Trail tourists will enjoy specialized amenities. A stop in Sterling will be something exceptional to be shared and remembered.

The streetscape makes a lasting impression that draws people here to see why others mention this distinctive blend of natural beauty, attractive architecture, and public art. Words like quaint, comfortable, and picturesque instill an irresistible urge to come and see Sterling again.

Engaged Main Street members and volunteers collaborate with community leaders to foster and promote a forward-thinking and sustainable model of economic development, admired throughout the state as both rare and effective in its efforts to preserve and enhance.